Mamie's Schoolhouse - Sustainable Fibre Arts

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Mel Sweetnam, Founder & Fibre Artist

Mamie’s Schoolhouse teaches workshops in a range of sustainable fibre arts techniques, and also hosts renowned international fibre artists through an annual Artists in Residence program.

Founder Mel Sweetnam’s own fibre works are crafted from natural, renewable fibres and botanical dyes she makes herself from organic plants on her Goose Cove property. Her work is the complete opposite of the fast textile/fashion industry and, instead, embodies a commitment to the highest quality of materials, artisanal skills, and a deep respect for Nature.

Mel's work seeks to keep ancient traditions of plant-based dyeing alive, with a particular focus on the rich dye palette obtainable from Cape Breton plants, and a commitment to entirely organic, zero waste, sustainable fibre processes.

For more pictures of Mel's work and processes, follow her on Instagram @mamiesschoolhousecapebreton.

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