Julie Larade


Laura’s Story by Julie Larade

Laura’s Story is a fictionalized account of a very real people and time. These people were shaped by their landscape, by history, and by their daily toil. This book celebrates all of this. Laura, a heroine in her own quiet right, embodies the strength and fortitude of her ancestors. Larade’s wish is for people to enjoy reading the book as much as she enjoyed writing it.

Julie Larade lives with her husband in St-Joseph-Du-Moine, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. In addition to her love of writing, she enjoys reading, playing and listening to music, practising Tai Chi, walking, socializing with friends and family, and spending time with her grandchildren.

Her life has been deeply influenced by her Acadian family and the history, culture and region of Cape Breton, in particular Inverness County. Proud of her roots and fascinated by her ancestors’ untold stories, Larade wanted to pay tribute to their efforts, to their bodies made muscular from hard labour, to their determination despite disappointment or hardship, and to the land that managed to survive amid weather and blight.

AUTHORJay Rawding