Danika Vandersteen


Leatherworker & Painter

Danika Vandersteen is a multi-disciplinary artist from Halifax, Nova Scotia. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (2011) and maintains drawing, painting, sculpture, leather work and music practices. She has recently shown work at Lost and Found in Halifax and Bean There Cafe in Baddeck. In August of 2016 Danika was an artist in residence at Victoria County Creates.

Her current visual art practice fragments surreal figures and decorative tropes to build patterned landscapes. The result is a meticulous art that is part nonsense and part abstracted biography.  The highly stylized figures and symbols, intermingling and repeating in deliberately knotted scenes, produce a skewed sense of foreground, background and focus.  Subjects explore one’s inner and outer conflicts, desires, and perceptions in a non-dramatic, visually playful manner.