Paul Diekelman

Author, Hanging Daisy

Paul Diekelman was born in Chicago in 1932. While he was an infant his mother brought him to Cape Breton where she had been born. Paul Returned to Chicago in 1954 and joined the US Air Force, married a Cape Breton girl, and was stationed in Honolulu. While there he studied at the University of Hawaii. Paulโ€™s military career involved meteorology, and nuclear, biological and chemical warfare preparedness, and combat telecommunications.

Upon leaving active duty, he embarked on a career in Public Health that included maternal and child health programs and ground-breaking work on efforts to eradicate syphilis. Paul Holds a BA degree in history and psychology from Florida State University, a masters in Public Administration from the University of Oklahoma and PhD work in Public Health Administration. Together with his wife, Toni, Paul returned to Cape Breton where he has resided since 2003 at Baddeck Forks.